Forecasting and Wishful Thinking

Forecasting and Wishful Thinking December 5, 2017 Many company executives try to predict the future by constructing incredibly elaborate long-term business and career plans -which experience demonstrates- rarely materialize. Several times we pretend to act if the future will be...
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The Art Of Public Speaking – Socrates or Sophists?

The Art Of Public Speaking – Socrates or Sophists? – November 28, 2017 No one doubts that the ability to communicate well orally is considered a crucial skill effective leaders should master. We see an extensive offer out there of consultants...
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Stereotyping at the workplace

Stereotyping at the workplace – October 31, 2017 Long way back in 1922, a journalist by the name of Walter Lippmann introduced the word “stereotype” as a metaphor for a mental picture people form based on their cultural notion. The higher...
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Intolerance and ‘one size fits all’

 Intolerance and ‘one size fits all’ – October 17, 2017 Poseidon, Greek mythology’s God of the Sea, had a son named Procrustes, who occupied a home along the sacred way between Athens and Eleusis where he offered hospitality to passing...
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FRG Gallery Exhibition - Buenos Aires 2015

The Cost Of Life

The Cost Of Life – June 21, 2018 This June, some 203 years ago, the British, Dutch, Belgian, and Prussian troops defeated Napoleon in the...
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Lack of Purpose

Lack of Purpose – February 27, 2018 When I first met Richard, one of his major complaints was about his ever-demanding boss, who never seemed...
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FRG Gallery Exhibition - Buenos Aires Dec 2015