We help leaders  integrate personal and professional growth. We define conscious leadership as a journey into higher levels of self and collective awareness, that shape the individual’s actions as a savvy strategic leader who is aware of their decisions on themselves, their work teams, their organizations and the local culture and markets in which they operate. 

We partner with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their ability to interacting effectively with people of other cultures. We help clients shift cultural perspective and adapt  their behavior to cultural differences and commonalities, building successful collaborations and achieving a competitive advantage.

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We work with executives from Latin America and the United States on their ability to manage and leverage cultural differences.

We help leaders and their management team members learn from their respective cultures and thus understand themselves at a deeper level.

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EcoEquo® is an open, collaborative network of professionals who share the passion for elevating business consciousness levels by providing coaching services and transformational training experiences for business leaders.

We believe that more conscious leaders working in organizations and networked across the globe can impact the lives of thousands of people connected to them, from employees to stakeholders and communities, creating a positive effect for society overall.

EcoEquo® was founded by Federico Renzo Grayeb with the mission to create a focal point for the development of conscious leaders and the dissemination of inspiring practices from conscious businesses across the world.