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If we miss the work of the moment, we are missing the worth of the moment

Often when we are working on a project, we want to be done with it as soon as possible so we can move on to the next one. We are anxious to get things done and rapidly out of our way. It seems as if the final result were the only thing that counts. As the famous slogan goes, just do it!

The problem is that we do not only need to be done with a project, but we need to do it right. This might sound very obvious but sloppy presentations, mistakes on emails, redundant information, poor attention span, etc., are symptoms of our minds not being entirely focused on what we are doing in the present moment but just on what comes next. We just want to be done with this moment because we want to be on to the next moment; we are always looking towards the future, even though the only moment any of us actually have is right now, is the present.

But when we miss the work of the moment oftentimes we are missing the worth of the moment. And this is not exclusive to the corporate world. In so many parts of our lives we just want to be done, not only with projects but also with our flaws or shortcomings. We find ourselves struggling with some character traits that we want to be over with. We struggle with patience, and we wish to be done with the whole impatience thing; we want to be that kind of person who can go through life without any fear, and become a person of courage; someone who knows how to motivate people, and become a charismatic leader. We just do not want to deal with the process, with the striving to become better leaders, better persons.

The point is that we first need to go back to the start, to take it back to the foundation. Right now, the work of the moment is to become a person of patience, right now the work of the moment is to become that motivating leader. We then focus on the present; we focus on the process because we want to become that person who can say “I just do not want it to be done, I want it to be done right.”

And when we start to realize, to recognize that this is the only moment I have to do that type of work, then we begin to understand the worth of every single moment.

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