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Entrepreneurial Thinking Skills for the Shared Economy – June 15th Workshop in Miami

WHY: In this new Shared Economy world, we have access to unlimited information and knowledge through the power of the internet (social media, Google, remote working technology, etc.). It is an abundance paradox where people should more than ever be able to move on with their dreams. But this is not what happens in reality. Most people are in surviving or compromising mode. Why is that? Everything around us is structured as a game. The problem is that most of those games are fear-based games. We are brought up in a way that we think it is all about competition, zero-sum games, and limited resources.

WHAT: Come and experience a transformational training activity while having fun at the same time. Come and play with us the collaborative game of FreshBiz, the perfect simulation to playing a smarter and better game of life. Through this board game session, you will learn more about how you play the game of life and how to implement the entrepreneurial skills of creativity and collaboration. People today are aspiring for more than just a paycheck. Building a game-changing, purpose-driven business, is what everyone is looking for today. In this shared economy, collaboration is the new competition, and it’s time to develop the skills of multi-dimensional collaborative winning. Business is no longer a zero-sum game, and that is exactly how the FreshBiz game is designed.

WHERE: We expect you on June 15th at 6:00 PM at the offices of Language On at 1201 Brickell Ave #620 in the sunny city of Miami

HOW MUCH: We do not charge anything but kindly ask you to donate $10 to the charity organization of your choice.

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