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Consciousness in business

How to increase the level of consciousness in business

The perils of lack of consciousness in business

Every day we hear stories or become direct witnesses of the damage that unrestrained capitalism can inflict to society. For example, a low level of consciousness in business can foster many inequalities. And one of them is an unequal distribution of income by transferring wealth from the poor to the rich. And by promoting consumer demand and economic growth, it can also fuel environmental destruction.

We need a higher level of consciousness in business

Yet because business is an integral part of our every daily life, it also has the potential to be a force for good. As a result, it can very well help creating a more equal society in our present world. And we can indeed use the power of business to serve humanity. Provided we managed to develop more conscious systems and organizations, tailored to the new demands and challenges the 21st-century presents. Hence we need an evolution of consciousness. And we desperately need ever more complex and refined ways of dealing with this complex world.

The level of consciousness in business depends on the leader

Frederic Laloux found that a CEO or company founder with a more highly evolved, integrated and conscious worldview is absolutely necessary for role modeling a certain way of being. Consequently, the organization can follow suit and enjoy the freedom to be more alive, diversified and agile. And this means a more transparent organization with a higher level of coherence between its proclaimed values and its actual practices. A corporation that behaves more responsible and accountable for the effects it creates in the world. A corporation that measures its success not just by profits. And most relevant, a corporation that aims to create benefits for all stakeholders and for the greater whole.

Increase the level of consciousness of the leader to increase consciousness in business

Most noteworthy, a global or multinational organization can only be as conscious as its top leaders are. Hence, as in any group of people, the level of consciousness of the corporation can never be higher than that of its leader. Consequently, we need to start from the very top, And this means to have a more evolved kind of conscious leader who is suited to wisely and successfully lead in this complex world. Someone who will be able to inspire the whole organization. Someone who can act as a catalyst for a higher level of consciousness in business.

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