About EcoEquo

EcoEquo® is an open, collaborative network of professionals who share the passion for elevating the level of consciousness in business by providing executive coaching services and transformational training experiences for business leaders working in or with the Latin America region.

Our mission is to leverage the power of business for the greater good. We believe that conscious leaders working in organizations and networking across the region can impact the lives of thousands of people connected to them, from employees to stakeholders and communities, creating a positive effect for the Latin America society overall. 

EcoEquo® was founded by Federico Renzo Grayeb with the intent to create a focal point for the development of conscious leaders and the dissemination of inspiring stories from conscious businesses across the world.



About Us

We are a team of professionals with an extensive business experience who share the passion for elevating the level of consciousness in business leaders. We believe that our deep understanding of the business environments and the cultural nuances of the major Latin America countries, combined with our focus in conscious leadership can make us the best partners to those individuals who are seeking through their work to make a positive impact in the lives of the people living in that area.   


Federico Renzo Grayeb is a business executive with global experience in commercial, general management and regional management roles in the pharmaceutical industry, and has 20+ years of experience turning around businesses by boosting work satisfaction and employee engagement. He led in Argentina the company that was selected as the #1 company to work for according to the Great Place To Work Institute. Between 2007-2014, he has overseen the Latin American operations of Novo Nordisk, which was also recognized among the top companies to work for in that region. He is a founding member of Conscious Capitalism Brazil and an international author in conscious leadership principles and practices.


Thomas EckschmidtThomas Eckschmidt is an international executive and entrepreneur with a successful track record in global supply chains, strategic planning, operations, and leadership. He is a co-founder of a Startup with 3 patents filed, with significant social and environmental impact, and with more than ten recognition awards since 2010. Co-founder and VP of Conscious Capitalism Brazil, he is an international author in the principles and fundamentals of conscious businesses. He has co-authored The Conscious Capitalism Field Guide–the authoritative follow-up to the bestselling book Conscious Capitalism, by John Mackey, CEO of Whole Foods Market, and leadership expert Raj Sisodia.